Moralia for Romania

        Moralia Association "was born" on January, 1st 2008 out of the desire of some young people in the town of Bistrita to promote and spread moral christian values, especially among the young generation. A more precise motivation of such a movement and what it does will arise from the questions and answers below:

   A short presentation of Moralia Association activity:
Why Moralia?
- because of the lack of moral references in the Romanian society.
- in schools, public halls, churches, etc.
What does it deal with?
- the use of drugs, alcohol and smoking
- sexually transmitted diseases; abortion
- self-esteem
- group pressure
- violence and conflict management
- the importance of having a christian character and values;
How? By using:
- attractive video materials
- case study
- role-play
- for and against debates

With whom?
Our partners: The Antidrugs National Agency, The county Inspectorate of Bistrita-Nasaud, Benita Association, De Hoop Foundation (the Netherlands), True Love Waits, etc.

Our activities are coordinated by a board made of the following members: Nelu Repede, Gabi Zagrean, Victor Campean, Daniel Craciun, Lotzi Rosu, Vali Stir, Nelu Sigartau and Silviu Hangea.

We believe that Moralia is the solution for Romania!